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Fiction: I can’t play polo until I learn how to ride.

Fact: Beginners can learn to ride and play polo at the same time.


Fiction: I can’t play because I don’t have a horse.

Fact: You only need a shirt, jeans and riding boots; the polo school has

all the tack and equipment needed to outfit beginners including helmets and mallets.


Fiction: None of my family or friends play polo.

Fact: You may find that once you start, your entire family will want to play also. If not, you still

become a part of the “polo playing family.”


Fiction: There’s nothing close to where I live.

Fact: The United States Polo Association’ website provides a “Find a Club” map – you may be surprised how many there are.


Fiction: The sport is only for men.

Fact: Polo is not gender biased. You play alongside players according to handicap (an objective measure of a player’s ability), and not according to gender.


Fiction: I’m too old to start now.

Fact: Most polo schools offer special classes for adult beginners. It is likely you will play alongside other beginners the first year while being coached by professional players or instructors who will help you advance.


And finally…


Fiction: Polo is only for rich and well to do people.

Fact: Starting level is no more expensive than golf, scuba diving, skiing lessons or being a member of a decent gym. Group lessons are really good value for a few hours of fun – and a good work out. Polo cuts across all sectors of society – the mutual love of the sport bonds everyone together with mutual respect.

*Source: Hurlingham Polo Association


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