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What to expect at your first lesson

What should I wear to my first polo lesson? 


Wear a pair of jeans, a comfortable shirt and a pair of riding boots.  If you don’t have riding boots wear a pair of shoes or boots with a short heel.  The polo school can provide you with a riding helmet if you don’t have one.  You will be required to wear a riding helmet, so if you have your own helmet, you will want to use it during your lesson.

Do I Need To Know How To Ride A Horse? 


You don’t need any riding experience to get started in polo.  Many new players come into the sport with little to no riding experience.  You can learn how to ride horses and play polo at the same time.  Detroit Polo Club uses seasoned polo ponies, to ensure a safe and fun experience.

What should I expect to learn in my first polo lesson?  


During your first lesson you will learn the fundamentals of hitting, receive an overview of the rules of polo and be given some basic polo riding instruction.  Most of this instruction occurs while you are on a polo horse.

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